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Hire well-curated Tech talent, and train your workforce 

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Hire well-curated Tech talent

Through our Digital Apprenticeship program

Train and retain your workforce

 In advanced Tech skills

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TechDojo is designed
to bring diverse talent into the industry

TechDojo offers an alternative to the traditional model of higher education,
in order to widen the existing Tech Talent pool and strengthen your Digital Capabilities.

We specialize in three Jobs-in-demand


We teach how to ship bug-free software with Quality Assurance (QA) and streamlined process.


We teach how to build Data Pipelines to turn actionable insights into measurable results.

Master Agile Product development to build products and services people love.

Built on these foundations
"Investors in People" network
Unrivalled support
Unparalleled flexibility

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What's in it for you?

Hire for the digital skills you need

  • Access well curated talent by becoming a partner.
  • Simplify your hiring journey and get time back.
  • Secure mutual fit with our Try before you buy 1-month internship.
  • Receive strong support for successful onboarding.

Upskill and reskill your workforce

  • Build advanced tech skills throughout your organization, with our Learn-By-Doing, immersive Apprenticeship programs.
  • Receive dedicated support to build the environment that drives performance inside your organisation.
  • Accelerate your transformation by applying your new capability to internal BreakThrough projects.

Be recognised as an employer of choice

  • Inspire Apprentices or Alumni to join your team via TechDojo partners events: TalentDay, Mentorship, TechTalks, Hackathon.
  • Educate candidates on your company’s vision, what you do and why you do it.
  • Build your workforce with non-traditional talent and get involved in meaningful Social Impact projects
  • Showcase how you help your employees become more successful during 'Try before you buy' Projects and Internships.

What companies
say about our Apprentices


Technical skills


Organisation and autonomy


Fit with existing team


Mission results



Our partners say it best

Mat Nuckowski
Co-Founder Manager @ Avid Health

"Apprentices from TechDojo are real self-starters! The Learn-by-Doing methodology helps them develop their autonomy, figure out things themselves and deliver value, rather than waiting for others to tell them what to do."
Husain Al-Badry
Associate Director Growth and Innovation @ Datacom

"TechDojo trains its Apprentices to think in terms of business outcomes, not technical features only. The Apprentices we hired demonstrated a strong ability to adapt, learn and grow, both personally and professionally."
Gabriel Jungberg
Test Manager @ FosterMoore

"Apprentices from TechDojo pick up new technologies and frameworks quickly. Our developers were surprised by what TechDojo Apprentices learned in a limited time in comparison to traditional education, and by how effectively they integrated into our team."

Acquire the Talent you need
and create more impact
by partnering with TechDojo.

TechDojo is designed to bring diverse talent into the industry. We train and coach career changers, Tech migrants and individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in Tech (e.g. women, Maori and Pasifika...). 

By partnering with TechDojo, you will:
  • Access a strong pool of Digital talent
  • Diversify your workforce and promote inclusion within your organisation
  • Support TechDojo's mission to foster Economic Growth in the Digital Era through Quality Education.

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