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TechDojo Opens on 
October 02, 2023

Enrolment only opens twice a year. So make sure you get on the waitlist and don't miss the registration window.
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Tired of working hard but feeling stuck?

Starting a new career, especially in Tech, can be a scary goal! 

And it makes sense because we’re already quite busy with our lives and acquiring new skills is not easy.

There’s the common Impostor Syndrome: ‘I’m not an engineer. I’m not good at Maths. Tech is simply not for me’…

There’s also the Where to start? issue. ‘Am I doing the right things right? Are the steps in the right order?’

And don’t forget Motivation and focusWithout guidance, regular support and corrective feedback, it’s really hard to stay the course… 

To secure a better job and write the next chapter of your life, you need to nail 3 key things: 

1. Have a clear and realistic goal.

2. Receive guidance and support from Instructors, Mentors and Peers.

3. Work on real projects to build your capability, confidence and network. 

We've got you covered with a flexible program that is 100% compatible with keeping your current job and/or raise a family. Sounds too good to be true?

Let us explain...

Become a professional Software Tester in 4 months

At TechDojo, we help Career Changers of all backgrounds. 
  • We specialize in Software Testing, both Manual and Automation (SDET). 
  • We offer 3 months Project-Based Learning + 1 month internship.
  • We work with prominent companies in ANZ and beyond...
Our flexible apprenticeship program equips you with skills in-demand and put you on the path to a fulfilling Tech Job.

93% employment rate

4 months after graduation


median salary increase

#1 outcome-focused program

specialised in Software Testing

93% employment rate

4 months after graduation


median salary increase

#1 outcome-focused program

specialised in Software Testing

Built to get you a job. Faster.

Join our immersive Software Testing to transform your career and access new opportunities.

Get hired at top tech companies
We partner with prominent employers, in Aotearoa and beyond. Get hired or get your tuition back!

Unparalleled flexibility
We customise learning schedule and content to make TechDojo 100% compatible with your busy lives.
Unrivalled career support
We'll help you get hired. Our team will help land a great internship and a fulfilling job.

+$16,500 median salary increase
In 2022, 93% of our Apprentices secured a fulfilling  job, within 4 months after graduation.

Get hired by the best

Our apprentices say it best

Some of our successful graduates share how our program led to a better career and higher income.

Neeraja MADALA
Now QA Engineer @ PlanIT (Auckland, NZ)
From Stay home mother to QA Engineer
“TechDojo changed my life. I went from ‘Stay home mother’ to Quality Assurance Engineer at PlanIT in 4 months. I could not believe it! Now my plan is to come back to the TechDojo this year and focus on Test Automation and Devops."
Mohammad DIDAR
Now QA Engineer @ MEA (Hamilton, NZ)
From Helpdesk Support to QA Engineer
"It is stunning how much you learn in only 12 weeks! TechDojo challenges enable you and your team mates to grow both as proficient Software Tester as a person!"
Andrea VELA
Now Product Test Analyst @ Foster Moore (Auckland, NZ)
From Sales to Product Test Analyst
“TechDojo is a great way to get into the Tech industry. I loved my experience, especially the opportunity to work on real projects, build my portfolio and relentlessly practise for job interviews. Rafael and Laurent are here to support your journey! Definitely don’t be shy to ask 100 questions like I did”
Enrolment only opens twice a year.
Sign up now to ensure you don't miss the registration window.

Master the fundamental skills of Software Testing in a few months

Here's an overview of our 'Learn-By-Doing' online Software Tester course to prepare you for a successful next career move.


Module 1
Learn Agile Testing Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of testing: why, what, how.
  • Test types (unit, regression, integration, UAT, usability).
  • Testing through Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC).
  • Testing techniques and management.
What you will get in the end of Month 1
→ Practice daily Agile Ways of Working. Get ready to receive an internationally recognised Software Tester certification.


Module 2 
Build and test real Products from scratch
  • Visualize and prioritize Product Backlog.
  • Design Test Plan for Priority 1 stories.
  • Design and Implement API Integration Testing.
  • Design and Implement API Automation framework.
What you will get in the end of Month 2
→ Start building your own portfolio in GitHub + ship Product Increments fast and Often


Module 3 
Master Software Testing and release bug-free product
  • Front to Back Integration Testing.
  • System Testing (end-to-end flow).
  • Design and implement User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Getting ready for release (package).

What you will get in the end of Month 3
→ Complete your own portfolio + get ready for your ‘Try before you buy’ Internship


Module 4 
Impress your potential next employer [Internship]
  • Secure Onboarding @ host company.
  • Lead Testing activities: exploratory testing, defect triaging...
  • Derive actionable insights from Defects Analysis
  • Contribute to improving Quality Assurance & product release.
What you will get in the end of Month 4
→ Demonstrate your greatness as Software Tester + acquire your first ‘Kiwi experience’

What else will you get?

We adapt to your circumstances
  • Schedule and Pace: learn part-time, while you work and take care of your familly. Or chose to learn full-time if you want to go deeper, faster. 
  • Delivery channels: attend live and recorded courses, online and offline events and get a ‘fully immersive’ experience. 
  • Financing options: we find practical ways to facilitate fundings and payments and remove possible barriers to accessing the TechDojo.
  • 70-20-10: learn from hands-on experience and  real-life challenges. Receive personalized guidance from Industry experts and Coaches.
We help acquire skills  in-demand, faster.
  • Focus on what really matters: our curriculum is 100% based on what employers need from Testers, to make you job-ready. 
  • Learn by Doing: expert instructors guide you to deliver hands-on assignments and ship bug-free Product Increments, every sprint.
  • Practice Agile daily: work according to Agile ceremonies, artefacts and roles, both individually and in teams.
  • Build your own portfolio: build real products for real clients. Master the most important Automation Testing tools.
We help you secure a fulfilling job
  • Benefit from 1:1 coaching: define together a clear goal, career path and application strategy and documents. Ace interviews.
  • Meet our Hiring partners: we organize regular  events where you can speak directly to company representatives. 
  • Get advices and offers from our alumni: get regular insights and job offers from our Alumni, mainly in Aotearoa, APAC and USA.
  • Leverage our Proven recipe to reinvent yourself: access TechDojo’s career and course resources for life, including Job flower, Salary negotiation and opportunities tracker.

Meet your Lead Instructors

Rafael Castillo

  • Co-Founder of OpenNet and TechDojo.
  • Author of ‘How to thrive as a Software Tester’ handbook.
  • Specialised in Quality Assurance, Manual and Automation Testing.
  • QA Chapter Lead at WestPac, specialised in DataProducts and DevOps.
  • Rafael loves sharing good food and music with family and friends.

Laurent Simon

  • Co-Founder of Digital Pathways and TechDojo.
  • Author of the award-winning book ‘Harnessing Digital Disruption’.
  • Specialised in Quality Assurance, DevSecOps and Agile Ways of Working.
  • Advisor to dozens of Innovative companies in APAC, EU, North America.
  • Laurent enjoys sharing gourmet food and outdoor activities (hiking, sailing, trail running) with loved ones.

Our Apprentices say it best!

Some of our successful graduates share how our Project-Based training and support enable them to acquire skills in high demand.

Darryl Joel VALENCIA
Now Software Tester @ Waxeye (Auckland, NZ)
From Nurse to QA Automation tester
"TechDojo Apprenticeship program allowed me to acquire a solid foundation in Software Testing, to practice on real world problems, to join a lively and close-knit community and to land a fulfilling job! I highly recommend Rafael, Laurent and the TechDojo.”
Now QA Automation Engineer @ DataCom (Auckland, NZ)
From Tech support to Automation Tester
"If you are looking for a program that offers a practical, comprehensive curriculum, a great learning environment and incredible career support, then TechDojo is for you!"
Now QA Tester @ Avid Medical (Auckland, NZ)
From Stay home mother to QA Tester
"The complexity of the final capstone project that I carried out with my teammates made me see how much my skills improved during the Apprenticeship program. From Day 1 Laurent and Rafael taught us to work in a truly Agile way, shipping Product Increments every 2 weeks. The most amazing part is that each increment can easily become a building block of your own portfolio."

Here's an overview of the Jobs our Apprentices get

Jobs data speaks louder than words

Level 4 - Test Lead / SDET / DevOps

$NZ 120-200K yearly salary

Level 3 - Test Automation Engineer

$NZ 100-150K yearly salary

Level 2 - QA Engineer

$NZ 85-120K yearly salary

Level 1 - Manual Tester / QA Analyst 

$NZ 60-80K yearly salary

Our flexible tuition options

We provide a clear, direct path to a fulfilling QA / Software Tester career. We designed our tuition options to ensure more people can access our Apprenticeship program.

At TechDojo, we're always finding practical ways to facilitate fundings and payments.

We adapt to your circumstances and ensure our incentives are 100% aligned with yours.

Get a better price...
By paying during the program



  • $1,500 down payment to secure your seat, before program starts.
  • Plus 3 monthly instalments [$2,000 each], before program completion. 
  • Guidance to get an international  Software Tester certification.
  • Lifelong access to TechDojo modules and Tools.
  • Lifelong career support.
  • Join a close-knit alumni network .
  • Covered by Full Refund Policy: Get hired or your money back!


Learn now, pay later... 
Only when you’ve a good job!



  • $1,500 down payment to secure your seat, before program starts.
  • Plus 4 monthly instalments [$2,000 each], when you land your new job.
  • Guidance to get an international  Software Tester certification.
  • Lifelong access to TechDojo modules and Tools.
  • Lifelong career support.
  • Join a close-knit alumni network .
  • Covered by Full Refund Policy: Get hired or your money back!

Get hired or your money back

If you graduate and don't get a job paying at least $60,000/year ($5,000 per month) within 365 days, you can be covered via our Tuition Refund Guarantee

Understand the eligibility criteria

  • You are legally authorized to work in New Zealand.
  • You graduated from our Software Tester program and received a Certificate of Completion.
  • You completed our Weekly Career Commitments for 365 days, which include:
    • Applying to 10 jobs
    • Posting at least 5 GitHub contributions

Still not sure which financing option is right for you?

Money should not be a barrier to our Apprenticeship program! We'll make sure we find a financing option that works for you.

Our Apprentices say it best!

Some of our successful graduates share how our training and career support enable them to change their life, for good...

Now QA Automation Lead @ GNC (New Jersey, USA)
From Sales to Software Testing Manager
“The TechDojo enabled me to start a brand new career. It enabled me to acquire both strong Technical and Leadership skills. Rafael and Laurent strongly focus on culture and community: this generates incredibly positive energy. Instructors and Teammates are always here to help and answer questions."
Now Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst @ Korda (Auckland, NZ)
From Stay home mother to Cyber Security Analyst
"I expected a lot from my Software Testing apprenticeship at the TechDojo. I received even more than what I expected. Project-Based Learning, Portfolio building, shipping Product Increments every two weeks, my working group: all this was awesome! The structure, the content, the pace and the people: I simply loved everything at TechDojo."
Now Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
From Sales to QA Automation Testing (SDET)
"Only two months after finishing the Apprenticeship, did I land my first job as a Junior Product Test Analyst. That would not have been possible without the amazing support from Rafael and Laurent, specifically the ability to gradually build my own Portfolio and demonstrate what I could do during my Internship. I strongly recommend ;-)"

Frequently Asked Questions

How is TechDojo a ‘Business for Good’?

As social enterprise, TechDojo is an active contributor to ‘the giving movement’. We partner with B1G1 to achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations. We specifically focus on UN SDG goals #4. Quality Education and #8. Decent Work and Economic Growth. Our Project-Based Learning programs empower talented individuals to acquire skills in high demand. By creating better income opportunities, our apprentices and their families are able to regain control of their destiny. We also encourage job creation, entrepreneurship and contribute to economic growth and stronger NZ Tech Ecosystem.

Is there a typical TechDojo Apprentice profile?

Our Apprentices all have very different profiles. They are between 18 and 55. They all share the same curiosity and enthusiasm for Software Testing and Quality Assurance. They all want a better career. They all come from various background: undergraduates, cooks, nurses, accountants, marketers, engineers, sales, lawyers, journalists, architects, musicians... Thus, spending 3+1 months at TechDojo is not only an incredible human experience, it also helps you build an astonishing network for your program to keep learning and growing! A. When our Apprentices do not have an IT background, they can start their new career as Manual Testers or QA Analysts. Some start as QA engineers (see Job Data section). B. When our Apprentices have a Computer Science or Engineering background, they can start as Test Automation Engineers, Test Lead or become DevOps engineers. We expect 3 things from our Apprentices: be (extremely) motivated, be curious, be social. If this sounds like you, then we'll be more than happy to guide you to achieve a successful career transition.

Do you guarantee that I get a job?

Our apprenticeship program is like a screwdriver: it only works if you work it! You need to commit to put the effort, on a regular basis, to achieve the right career outcome. Having said that, you get three types of guarantees: 1. Strong Market dynamics: There is a significant mismatch between Demand of qualified QA / Software Testers and the current supply of talent. The reason is simple: every company, big or small, in any industry needs to ship bug-free software. Even in difficult economic climate. 2. Unrivalled career support: The entire program is designed to get you hired. Our team helps you land a great internship and a fulfilling job. We simulate the day-to-day life of QA / Software Testers. We help you acquire Technical and Leadership skills, work in Agile Ways and build your portfolio. And remember, we get paid fully only when you get a well-paid Tech job. 3. Get hired or your money back: You are covered by our Full Refund Policy. If you graduate and don't get a job paying at least $60,000/year ($5,000 per month) within 1 year, you shall be eligible to tuition refund (except the joining fee of $1,500). Our Job data are clear: 93% of our Apprentices got a job 4 months after graduation, with a median salary increase of +$16,500. Employers recognize that our learners demonstrate determination and grit. That’s why they are keen to employ TechDojo Apprentices.

What's my ROI? How does TechDojo help me? 

We teach you the skills employers need, so that you can get you job you want. Job readiness starts from the day you begin your Software Tester Apprenticeship journey. TechDojo will provide structured guidance to boost your individually your job search, e.g. submitting applications, conducting outreach and networking, preparing for interviews, brushing up on technical skills. A. You’ll complete career development assignments throughout your program to help you define your career plan. B. You’ll work with our Career Coaches in both 1:1 and small group settings to prepare for interviews, build your network, and source and apply for jobs. C. You’ll also get connected to job opportunities in TechDojo’s hiring network that match your needs and skillset, in addition to our close-knit alumni network. D. You'll work on real-life projects and showcase your value through an internshipE. We can also help you get ready to receive an internationally recognised Software Tester certification. F. Upon graduation, you will belong to TechDojo network of Alumni, Learning coaches, Industry Mentors and Tech recruiters. G. And you will continue to benefit from lifelong career support, access to course material, best practices and cutting edge tools. Good enough?

Can I afford this? What are your payment plans?

We offer 2 options: UPFRONT TUITION and DEFERRED TUITION. For both options, once a candidate is officially admitted, a down payment will be required upon the Terms and Conditions signature to secure the student's seat. The remaining balance shall be paid in one or several instalments, depending on the tuition option chosen. A. UPFRONT TUITION: After a down payment of $1,500, you can pay in a single payment or broken into 3 installments of $2,000 each. The upfront tuition amounts to a total of $7,500 (yes, you save $2,000). If we haven't succeeded to help you earn at least $60K /year during the 365 days after graduation, you are probably eligible to our Tuition Refund Guarantee. B. DEFERRED TUITION: After a down payment of $1,500, you don’t need to pay anything until you earn at least $60K /year. Once you land a well-paying job, you can pay 4 installments of $2,000 each. There are no fee and we agree on a reasonable payment schedule. As social Entreprise, we believe the laws of exchange should be fair and balanced. We also want to ensure that Finance is not be a barrier for you. Please book a call with us to find a fair and reasonable financing option.

Why consider a career in Software testing / QA ?

Careers in Software testing / Quality Assurance offer five interesting aspects. A.Top 5 Best paid jobs in Tech: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting +22% growth in demand for Software Testers, QA Analysts and Software Engineers jobs in the next decade. B. Top 5 Best job satisfaction: Glassdoor and CareerBliss rate Software Testers / QA positions as the happiest jobs in Tech, mainly due to manageable stress level, good flexibility and salary. C. No formal education requirements / pre-requisites: Google, Apple and other major other companies have publicly announced they're looking for people who have the skills / they're no longer requiring a very specific diploma / college degree. D. Simpler Interview process: you're mainly being tested on practical skills. That's why our Project-Based Learning program ensure you acquire the skills required by employers. The portfolio we help you build and the ‘try before you buy’ internship empower you to showcase your greatness. You don’t need to ‘oversell’ yourself to your next employer(s). E. Meritocracy: The higher your proficiency, the higher your salary. That's why our curriculum is designed to help you focus on what create Value for your next employer and its clients + ace job interviews and salary negotiations ;-)

What level of commitment is required?

TechDojo programme is designed to be compatible with our busy lives. You might want to get trained to become Software Tester, while you work or raise a family. Or you might want to blaze through the Tech Dojo course at top speed. Simply put, you can progress through our program on any schedule: you can study Part-time, Full-time, anytime. During the first 3 months, you can expect to work 10 to 15 hours per week [total of 120 to 180h for the first 3 months]. During month 4, we offer a full-time internship [40 hours per week]. The actual amount of time spent often varies from person to person, but everyone works incredibly hard. This is why our Apprenticeship program is designed to adapt to your circumstances. Different people have different needs. We offer live, expert-led, hands-on classes every day of the week, including evenings. You can also retake a session as many times as you need. Our mission is to remove obstacles to your Learning and Development and help you secure a great Tech job.

What if I have more questions?

Please send an email to and our team will be delighted to schedule a meaningful discussion with you.

More Than a new career in Tech. Join a supportive community for life.

By joining TechDojo, you will
  • belong to a close-knit network of Alumni, Learning coaches, Industry Mentors and Tech recruiters.
  • benefit from lifelong career support, access to course material, best practices and cutting edge tools.
  • make your mark and live your life “on your own terms”!
  • 93% employment rate 

4 months after graduation

  • +$16,500

median salary increase

  • #1 outcome-focused program

specialised in Software Testing

Start learning for FREE!

Stay up to date on TechDojo events and free Masterclasses focused on 'reinventing your career', Tech ecosystem and innovation. One small word of caution: we keep our events and intakes quite small. Enrolment at TechDojo only opens twice a year. So make sure you sign up and don't miss the next opportunity!