Fostering Economic Growth through high-quality Technology Education.

Why we exist

1. To bridge the Digital Talent Gap

🤔 The problem

We observe a significant mismatch between demand and supply of digital talent in Aotearoa

  • According to NZTech, 3,000 InfoCom & Technology (ICT) jobs are currently not filled, every year.
  • This Digital Talent gap will increase to ~10,000 job vacancies by 2030, if not significantly addressed.

Potential Talent (Supply side)

Tech students and Professionals are not ‘wowed’ by the training opportunities currently available:

  • Traditional vocational and tertiary IT curricula are often described as ‘outdated, not practical enough, expensive and too long’.
  • IT Bootcamps are often perceived as ‘too intense, shallow and expensive'.

A career in Tech is rarely identified as relevant by Māori and Pasifika, Women and other ‘non-traditional profiles’...

Potential Employers (Demand side)

Large companies, scale ups, startups and government are struggling to hire new Talent and/or upskill their workforce:

  • QA-Software testing, Data Analytics and Pipeline Engineering, Product Ownership are in high-demand, but are rarely taught in a practical way.
  • Education to Employment pathways are described by most employers as 'really weak'

Building a more diverse workforce is a source of competitive advantage. Yet, Role Models from non-traditional backgrounds who can aspire to pursue a career in Tech are difficult to find...

💊 The remedy

TechDojo offers a proven Project-Based-Learning platform and clear employment pathways. Designed to be accessible by the largest possible and diverse group of people, our solution have been already deployed in France 🇫🇷 , South Africa 🇿🇦 and Vietnam 🇻🇳.  To date, we have enabled ~4,500 people to get a fulfilling job.

  • TechDojo Apprenticeship model strengthens the local Tech ecosystem, in a practical, scalable and cost-effective way.
  • Our curriculum is co-designed with employers to be 100% aligned with their needs.
  • Participants Learn by Doing: they build both their confidence and capability through real-life Projects, Peer-to-Peer learning, Coaching and Mentoring.
  • We offer different Learning Pathways to cater for the needs of different profiles. Participants can study at a different pace, they do not necessarily need any previous education.

🎁 The opportunity

We're tailoring this proven solution in Aotearoa 🇳🇿.

TechDojo is on a mission to foster Economic Growth through high Quality Technology Education.

TechDojo is designed to bring a more diverse, well-rounded workforce into the Industry.

At TechDojo, we like to take a different approach:

  • Anyone aged 18 or older can sign up for our inclusive, state-of-the-art education system.
  • Except for a small deposit, people don't pay until they get a job.
  • Participants Learn-by-Doing. They gradually build their own portfolio to showcase their new skills.
  • Our curriculum is flexible and can be delivered on site 1:1 and/or online (hybrid delivery model)
  • Employers and Apprentices work together on real projects, in order to test each other and confirm mutual fit.
  • And YES, we take care of the onboarding and on-the-job coaching, in order to increase likelihood of success.

Why we exist

2. To make Business for Good a reality

🔝 Business for Good = what does it mean?

  • Business for Good is a global movement of progressive organisations who want to go beyond the traditional definition of business success of "maximizing shareholders value" (as defined by Milton Friedman’s in his 1962 treatise). 
  • To evaluate their performance, those progressive organizations look at economic Profit and also their contribution to the Environment and the Society. 
  • These bottom line categories are often referred to as the 3 P's: Prosperity, Planet and People.

 🔥 Why is it so important today?

  • Given the global challenges we're facing, Social responsibility is needed to deliver sustainable profit.
  • To create greater value, progressive organisations intentionally integrate Environmental and Societal progress in their business model and operations.
  • By connecting with a higher purpose, Business For Good organisations also build stronger employer brands, increase employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Doing well by doing good

Paul Polman, Former Unilever CEO and author of Net Positive on "Walking the talk" on Sustainable Business.

✅ TechDojo's impact

At TechDojo we integrate sustainability into our Business operations, by donating money to high-impact projects directly connected to our mission: To foster Economic Growth (and decent employment) through high-quality Technology Education.

  • TechDojo Community: To date, we have enabled ~4,500 people to get a fulfilling job in France, South Africa, and Vietnam. We're now taking it to Aotearoa...
  • Ecosystem: We co-design our curriculum with employers by matching our modules with specific Job Descriptions. We empower Businesses to build a stronger, more diverse Talent tool, in order to thrive in the Digital era.
  • Global Impact: We actively support 5 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs):

When our Customers and Partners choose to do business with us, they not only receive exceptional products and service, but also contribute to 400+ high-impact projects that address critical challenges. Business transactions trigger a donation managed in a transparent way, so that everyone can see exactly which SDG is impacted. How does it work?

Meet TechDojo's leadership team

We are a Purpose-Driven team of Designers, Business Developers, Software & Data Engineers.

We operate as a balanced tribe of Hipsters ❤️, Hustlers 💵,  and Hackers 🧑‍💻

We share the same passion:

  • Help people with grit reinvent themselves.
  • Help progressive organisations stay relevant in the Digital era.
  • Build products and services people love.

Laurent Simon

Business Impact

Rafael Castillo

Learners Experience

Melody Renaud

Experience and Product Design

Yvette Lim


Laurie Mezard

Active Pedagogy

Mathieu Mahe

Learning Technology

Why we exist

3. To supercharge NZ tech ecosystem

TechDojo’s Digital Apprentice programs offer an alternative to the traditional models of higher education or bootcamps.

TechDojo is designed to bring non-traditional talent into the industry. 

⚡ So if you believe what we believe...

  • In investing in people
  • In developing a more diverse workforce.
  • In fostering employment, by leveraging the power of Project-Based Learning.
  • In building a purpose-driven and future-ready business.
  • In doing the work that others won’t.
  • In keeping your promises in a world that breaks them often.

... we need to talk!

To make a positive impact at scale, we partner with INSEAD and B1G1

  • INSEAD is one of the world's leading Business Schools with campuses in France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and San Francisco. Its purpose is to foster Business As a Force Good, by equipping business leaders and decision makers with tools that deliver positive outcomes for business, communities, people and our planet, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more about INSEAD’s Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society.
  • B1G1 is a global initiative that empowers businesses to make a positive impact by embedding the act of giving in their daily operations. By partnering with B1G1 Not-Profit-Organisation, businesses can contribute to 400+ high-impact projects, addressing Social, Environmental, and Economic challenges. 3,000+ businesses, ranging from StartUps to MultiNational Companies, have joined the movement to deliver 331 million impacts to date! Find out more about B1G1 Global Impacts.